About Us

Shoinks is not your average company. We have a Mission to better the future for the younger generations. Read the Forbes Article Research below:

 Research shown as of this writing that there is 45 Million Americans who owe a total of 1.5 Trillion in student loan debt , According to the Federal Student Aid Office of the US. Department of Education.

We believe that giving back to the community is the most important thing a business can do. Through out the time as we grow, we will slowing give back to the community shoppers of our site. As our main goal is bringing the best price, value, and quality products to you ; we are also aware that without you ( the customer) we simply do not exist. In turn we have decided to help out with the above stated issue with the student loan debt.

After all operating cost and company financial responsibilities have been achieved ; including ongoing operations to continue. We will randomly select SHOPPERS FROM OUR SITE at the start of each new year, reach out to them and if they have any student loan debts and qualify ; Shoinks! will pay off the student loan debt up to a maximum of $ 50 ,000. Understand this is not a promise or guarantee , but a gift from us to you and is or may be considered deductible on the balance sheets.

Giving back to the people is the best thing anyone can do, and we want to help in an area where we think we can be the biggest help. On average most large online sites process around 250000 transactions daily on the conservative side. Take into account an average of $2.50 company profit per transaction after expense, the gross amount will be around $ 225,000,000. Being conservative after all has been said and done 5 % of this will be dedicated to this fund, and distributed to the lucky customers randomly. Customers will not be awarded more than one time during the life of this fund. As new community funds are put together and established; customers have a chance to enter into the new random fund drawings. This fund can be terminated with only the votes of all board members. If it were to happen the funds will be moved to a new fund to give back to the community in another way. This is what we are and who we are as a company. We see no sense in keeping everything, if we don't help each other now, we will never get anywhere in this world.This fund has not yet been fully established and is currently still being funded. When this fund is fully established as well as funded, we will begin the yearly drawings. This is not a promise or an agreement to pay a debt of any shape form or fashion. This is not a contract. Thank you for shopping with Shoinks!